Dog Training

I offer one to one training sessions in the comfort of your home and group classes for those looking to socialise their pups and learn some skills to practise at home.  From puppy training to dealing with specific behavioural issues, my aim is to help you communicate better with and bring out the absolute best in your dog. As each person is different, so is each dog and I work closely with you to help create a harmonious household and develop a stronger, lifelong bond between you and your dog.


Private Sessions

Whether it be general obedience training or you have specific behavioural issues you need to address, one to one sessions sessions are tailor made to suit the individual needs of you and your dog.  You will learn to understand how your dog thinks and learns, with simple, easy to follow methods and practical advice.  I use only positive reinforcement-based methods that are kind, effective and fun.

Group Classes

Fun sessions, packed full of practical guidance and valuable tips for training your new puppy.  Group classes provide the opportunity for the puppies to socialise and for you to learn the most effective ways to raise a happy, responsive, well-mannered dog.  We will cover the basic obedience exercises, you will learn the benefits of positive reinforcement training with practical demonstrations and  we will cover any common behavioural problems.  Sessions are followed up with informative emails and step by step training recipes.

Upcoming Courses

The Pupstars

Four session course to get you and your new puppy on the right track, have fun and meet other pups.

You will learn:

  • all about positive reinforcement training
  • managing common puppy behaviours such as nipping, biting, jumping up, toilet training
  • building up responsiveness through simple exercises and games
  • basic obedience skills such as sit, look, come, leave it, recall etc
  • walking nicely on the lead
  • impulse control

This course is designed to help you be the best teacher for your dog, with demonstrations and step by step training recipes.


Held in Sai Kung, 4 sessions.
Next course starting on October 2020.  Get in touch for session dates.

Teen Spirit

Four session course over four weeks.
This course is aimed at adolescent dogs over 9 months old and includes:

  • all about positive reinforcement training and how to apply it
  •  meeting other dogs, appropriate play, reading body language
  • redirecting undesired behaviours and teaching alternative behaviour
  • obedience training
  • loose lead walking and recall
  • building up responsiveness and getting your dog to listen to you!
  • handling your teenage pup using positive methods that work


Held in Sai Kung, 4 sessions.
Starting on October 2020. Get in touch for more information on session dates, location and time.